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Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack

Did you know that oxygen and airflow helps prevent odors? These mesh pail liners are the answer to your laundering prayers! 

Just Peachy mesh diaper pail liners have an elasticated opening, so you can fit it over a variety of pails or bins. Each pack comes with 2 mesh bags, so you have one for dirty diaper storage while the other is in the wash. Disassemble your diaper inserts from covers before storing in your mesh laundry bag, and once it's full, simply toss the bag with the diapers and reusable wipes into your washing machine.

Unlike most other diaper pail liners, you can toss the entire bag full of cloth diapers into the washing machine and they will agitate out while washing. Any diaper parts still trapped in the bag will still come out clean and fresh - how's that for convenience! You'll never need to re-handle dirty diapers again!

It might seem more intuitive to seal your diaper pails up tight, but cloth diapers don't stink the same way disposables do. Airflow and oxygen help keep bacteria at bay and storing dirty diapers in a cool, aerated environment helps keep the stink away. 

Each pack includes:

2 mesh diaper storage laundry bags


45 x 55cm / 18" x 22"

Material content:

100% polyester

Just Peachy is responsibly made in China, and is a proud member of 1% For The Planet

Leak-proof & ultra-absorbent

Breathable, water-resistant outer shell and natural Bamboo cotton and Hemp cotton inserts provide maximum absorbency making our diapers suitable for play and naps at any time.

Pull-up style

Pull-up style for babies on the move allowing for quick nappy changes without compromising on absorbency. With the option to unsnap for mess-free poop changes.


Patented easy fit design for newborn to potty training, premium elasticity and leg gussets prevent leaks, allows mobility and maximum comfort.

All-in-one convenience

Cloth diapering made easy. Switch between Pocket style or All in Two. Reuse the cover and change the inserts in All in Two or customize inserts in Pocket style.

Free of harmful chemicals

Natural, BPA-free, certified skin-safe materials reduces irritations for healthier baby bums. Digitally printed outer shell eliminates the consumption of water and the release of harmful chemicals.


Better for the planet. With an extended lifespan from newborn to potty training, reduce waste going to landfill.

Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
Reusable Mesh Diaper Pail Liners 2-Pack
I love how the Just Peachy diapers fit my newborn and my 21 month old toddler! They are so simple to use and the design is very well thought out. The snap buttons allow me to adjust for a perfect snug fit for my newborn. And the stretchy tabs makes cloth diaper changing a breeze with a wiggly and impatient toddler! The inserts are soft yet super absorbent. And the colourful covers have generous leg gussets for extra leak protection!

Jade 🇦🇺

It’s great that you have that extra protection for leaks as this is my main issue with using them at night and also during the day when out and about, so just making them super leak proof is amazing and sets you apart from all the other brands. Love the colors you have so far by the way!! I love how many snaps you have on them and they seemed to be very comfy for the babies especially since they were all over the place in them!

Talia 🇺🇸

Overall I think the diaper is beautiful and I loved the fit to my baby and the pull up double function as well.

Nadia 🇲🇽

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