Originally from Toronto, Canada, Victoria Chuard founded Just Peachy in 2020. As she had her first child, Chuard became acutely aware of the environmental impact of disposable diapers and its long-term threat to our babies’ health from exposure to chemicals and thus began her own cloth diapering journey. After over 6 years of researching and testing cloth diapering options from around the globe, her personal experience with her two children led her to become a cloth diapering expert to friends and her local community, helping to guide and troubleshoot with others through their cloth diapering journey, in turn reducing each family’s waste footprint. In 2020, Chuard developed Just Peachy Cloth Diapers with the mission to create the most effortless reusable cloth diaper solution using sustainable fibres, enabling fellow parents to become eco-conscious citizens with ease and convenience

I started Just Peachy because I went through a steep learning curve with cloth diapering, especially as a new parent, and saw so many other families start their cloth diapering journeys and give up. Cloth diapering can be intimidating because every baby is unique and there are so many options out there that parents don’t know how to choose the “best” system for their family, so we simplified it and created our own all-purpose patented design for busy parents who want a simple solution for a safe, convenient, high quality and environmentally friendly cloth diaper for their little ones.

- Victoria Chuard, Founder of Just Peachy.

Just Peachy Cloth Diapers are made using certified skin-safe materials that we love and trust for our own babies, providing maximum absorbency and leak guards without the use of harmful chemicals.

We make cloth diapering easy. This is the world’s first Cloth Diaper enabling parents to switch between Pocket style or All-n-Two system with a hidden snap, so you can have the best of both worlds.

This patented design is also the first full absorbency diaper with the ability to pull-up and snap-off! The additional elasticity makes it easy to get a great fit, which prevents leaks and truly fits from newborn to potty training.

our mission

We envision a sustainable future for our kids with less waste going to landfills, cleaner air and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions - a future where climate change is no longer a threat to humanity, where we can thrive in harmony among the world’s many incredible species.

We believe in acting environmentally and socially responsible now for the betterment of our planet, people’s health and our children’s future.

Join us on our journey to a more sustainable future.

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