We’ve taken the guesswork out of choosing the best cloth diapering system for your family, and getting started with reusable diapers. These quick, simple videos will take you through all the basics. Let’s get started!

How to assemble your diaper and convert between Pocket & Hybrid

This short video will take you through what’s inside the box and how to assemble your diaper. Just Peachy cloth diapers can be used as either a pocket diaper, a Hybrid All-In-Two system, or both! Each box comes with two super absorbent diapers, which will actually save you money and reduce waste by saving you from having to upgrade from standard diaper inserts that won’t absorb quite enough and cause leaks. Inserts made from natural inserts like bamboo cotton and hemp cotton are not cheap, they are worth every penny, and we wanted to make that choice easy for you.

How to size your diaper for premie & newborn to potty training

Few one-size diapers we’ve come across can fit a newborn well. Owing to the stretch we’ve added everywhere, the diaper’s sizing can be adjusted down super small, with the help of leg gussets to make the leg holes even more snug. With Just Peachy, you can start cloth diapering straight out of the hospital! The cut of the diaper and the extra stretch also gives additional rear-side coverage so that it fits well for older toddlers too. Just Peachy is one-size-fits-most and will take your little ones from birth to potty training!

How to use your diaper as a pull-up

This is our favorite feature! So many parents over the years told us that they gave up on cloth diapering because their babies wouldn’t lie still long enough to snap up the diapers. We totally feel you! It was also the most challenging part of the design, because stretchy materials inherently cannot be waterproof. So, we added elastics everywhere and leg gussets to prevent leaks, and used a stretchy material for the ears for fastening - part of our patented design - that allows it to be pre-snapped, pulled up, and also unsnapped for poopy situations.

How to get a great fit with your diapers

With most diapers, achieving a good fit on your baby’s unique body shape and size can sometimes be challenging, and yet so critical to a leak-free diapering experience. Just Peachy cloth diapers are designed with extra elasticity all around the diaper, and particularly on the ears where the diaper fastens, so that it conforms to your baby’s body and provides a snug, comfortable fit. The extra leg gussets prevent leaks around the legs and is a much-loved feature by parents who have tried Just Peachy. Getting a leak-free fit with Just Peachy is easy!

Diaper changing & laundry

Changing a reusable diaper is just as easy as a disposable diaper when you’re using Just Peachy! No more excuses from relatives and daycare that your baby won’t lie still long enough to get all the snaps on - with Just Peachy you can pull up! We decided against Hook & Loop fastening to maximize the longevity of your diapers, but have added the ability to pull up for those who want a quick and easy diaper change. Laundry is easier than you think - rinse your diapers of any solids or overnight pee, machine wash all covers and inserts together and hang dry, or tumble dry on low.

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I love how the Just Peachy diapers fit my newborn and my 21 month old toddler! They are so simple to use and the design is very well thought out. The snap buttons allow me to adjust for a perfect snug fit for my newborn. And the stretchy tabs makes cloth diaper changing a breeze with a wiggly and impatient toddler! The inserts are soft yet super absorbent. And the colourful covers have generous leg gussets for extra leak protection!

Jade 🇦🇺

It’s great that you have that extra protection for leaks as this is my main issue with using them at night and also during the day when out and about, so just making them super leak proof is amazing and sets you apart from all the other brands. Love the colors you have so far by the way!! I love how many snaps you have on them and they seemed to be very comfy for the babies especially since they were all over the place in them!

Talia 🇺🇸

Overall I think the diaper is beautiful and I loved the fit to my baby and the pull up double function as well.

Nadia 🇲🇽

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