It’s been nearly one year since we launched and we’re so grateful for the support of our friends, family and supporters that have acted as our (unofficial) brand ambassadors. You’ve shared our story and recommended the eco-conscious parenting path to so many others. We’ve read every review, every mention and feedback, and we’re inspired by your courage to learn eco-friendly diapering for the betterment of your family’s health and the future of our planet.

After over 6+ years of experience cloth diapering her own children, Just Peachy’s founder Victoria Chuard, created Just Peachy to address all the pitfalls of cloth diapering with a mission to make it easier and healthier for families to switch to cloth diapering. Cloth diapering need not be seen as a challenge for eco-warriors to tackle alone. Cloth diapering can be easy, leak-free and chemical-free for every family with Just Peachy. With your support, we can normalize eco-friendly parenting choices and encourage more people to reduce their waste footprint.

We’re excited to launch our Just Peachy Ambassador Program as a way of giving back to our (unofficial) brand ambassadors. Let’s make it official! We’re looking for creative parents, influencers, websites and businesses that share our vision for a healthier planet. By sharing Just Peachy with your audience, you’ll help us to reach more people and we can collectively reduce our impact on the environment while improving our children’s health.

So, whether you’re a digital influencer, or media website, or a parent looking for extra income, help us spread the word on the eco-parenting grapevine and you’ll be rewarded for every sale you help to convert. There are no limits on how much you can earn. With an average order value of $125 USD, the sky’s the limit on your earnings!

Learn more and read full details: Just Peachy Ambassador Program
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I love how the Just Peachy diapers fit my newborn and my 21 month old toddler! They are so simple to use and the design is very well thought out. The snap buttons allow me to adjust for a perfect snug fit for my newborn. And the stretchy tabs makes cloth diaper changing a breeze with a wiggly and impatient toddler! The inserts are soft yet super absorbent. And the colourful covers have generous leg gussets for extra leak protection!

Jade 🇦🇺

It’s great that you have that extra protection for leaks as this is my main issue with using them at night and also during the day when out and about, so just making them super leak proof is amazing and sets you apart from all the other brands. Love the colors you have so far by the way!! I love how many snaps you have on them and they seemed to be very comfy for the babies especially since they were all over the place in them!

Talia 🇺🇸

Overall I think the diaper is beautiful and I loved the fit to my baby and the pull up double function as well.

Nadia 🇲🇽

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